October Update

A quick update on a few things:

The 2015 election is complete. We would like to congratulate Edward Dodds and Jay Hauss our newest trustees. A very special thank you to Nick Cionci Jr and Pedro Hernandez for stepping up to run for Trustee.

The water turn off date is Sunday, November 15th Weather permitting.

The Seashore Line 4th annual Oktoberfest is this Saturday evening at the pole barn. Pot luck at 6 PM and music begins at 8:00.

Election Update

Date: 9/16/2015
To: Seashore Line Owners
From: Board of Trustees
Re: Election Update

There has been a lot of concern about the turnaround time to get the ballots out and back especially to those who have their mail forwarded to other states.  In order to make sure we get everyone’s vote in we were going to extend the collection period to Sept 26th, however that is the weekend of the Meeting of the Families with the Pope in Philadelphia.  Therefore we need to extend the ballot count to Saturday, Oct 3rd.  The owners meeting will also have to be rescheduled and we will get a date out ASAP.  Thank you all for your understanding.

Thank you,

Board of Seashore Line Resort

Labor Day 2015


Activities 2015

12:00 Moon Bounces
2:00 Lunch (Hot Dogs & Root Beer Floats)
5:00 Special Guests (The Minions)
Face Painting
8:00 Pole Barn DJ Party
9:00 Basket of Cheer Drawing
10:00 Horse Shoe Tournament


Basket of Cheer Tickets Sold All Day

Volunteers Welcome and Greatly Appreciated

2015 Olympics



July 4th 2015


Registration and Check-in
10:00 AM Sign up at Pole Barn
Field Events (Field by the Pole Barn)
10:30 AM Tot events. Children 5 and under (Soccer Ball Kick, Softball Toss, Running Race, Slam Dunk Contest, Bottle Fill Race, Hula Hoop)
11:30 AM Shotput, Javelin, 100 Yard Dash, Three Point Shot, Water balloon catch, Hula Hoop, 4 corners, Potato Sack Race, Capture the Flag







Open All ages Event: 1 throw closest to the Pin to win the Golden Horseshoe Award.

1:00 PM Basketball Knock Out: Two Heats (15 and under, 16 and Up) Champions will be honored with a trophy
Activity Room Events
3:00 PM Pie Eating Contest (Chocolate Cream pie) all ages welcome
5:00 PM Line up in front of Activity Center the side of the game room

Decorate your golf carts with your chosen theme. It can be anything (USA, Pirate Ship, UFO, etc)


The parade will be led by the Seashore Float (the same trailer we use for hayrides) the Olympic competitors are welcomed to ride in the float and wave to their adoring fans. Seashore Line Tradition is to throw candy to spectators as we pass by.



4th of July Weekend

Hello everyone. I'm really looking forward to all of our holiday activities this weekend. Please join us for wine…

Posted by Lori Marengo-Ferretti on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lightning Strike

Hi all. We had a lightening strike that hit a tree. This subsequently took out one of the transformers that feeds the park. Local area utilities are enroute and will get things back up as soon as possible. Power had to be turned off due to the danger from the electricity.  From what we hear there was no property damage or fire. We will update everyone as we get more information.

Event Calendar

Our Webhost moved our site to a different data center which is causing the timezone of our events to be several hours later than they are set.  Fortunately the Facebook calendar was not effected and the times are correct.  Until we can get the tech team over at our webhost to set our timezone correctly please refer to the Facebook event page until then (no account needed)

Facebook Calendar

Leaf Collection 2015

As we are only about a week out from turning the park water on we wanted to post the leaf pickup schedule.   As usual please pile your leaves out by the edge of your property along the road and they will be picked up on the scheduled rotation.  See the map below:

Yellow: 4/3/2015, 4/24/2015
Blue: 4/10/2015, 5/1/2015
Green: 4/17/2015, 5/8/2015

Leap Pickup Map