Golf Carts

GOLF CART GUIDELINES PURPOSE: To create rules and regulations for safe operation of golf carts within our community.

OBJECTIVE: To control and enforce the SAFE use of Golf Carts with Permits and Fines; Permits will be free.

REASONS: To relieve Seashore Line Resort Park Condominium Association and the Trustees of any liability should a site owner violate these rules and regulations that are set forth by the Board of Trustees.

A Golf Cart is considered a vehicle and all Park Rules and Regulations will be strictly enforced.

    • The golf cart owner must provide valid copy of insurance during inspection of your cart.
    • Golf Carts are to be kept in safe working condition.
    • A minimum of one headlight and two tail lights in working order for operation between dusk and dawn.
    • Site numbers must be displayed on the front of each side of the cart with at least a three inch number.
    • Your Golf Cart shall be inspected for safety concerns by a board member or designee at the beginning of the season and accordingly thereafter. For new site owners coming in after the season starts you must contact the board for inspection.
    • Golf Carts will observe and obey campground speed limit and stop signs on the common ground.
    • Carts are to be parked in the designated areas of the park with the key removed while unattended.
    • No more passengers are to be carried than the seating capacity allows for.
    • All passengers will be seated and not standing up.
    • Adults shall not have children seated on their laps while operating a golf cart.
    • No one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate a Golf Cart or any other motor vehicle on the Common Areas of the Park.

Site owners (owners of the golf cart) will be responsible for the safe operation of these vehicles in a manner to ensure that anyone who operates their vehicle is aware of and follow the rules governing the vehicle. It would be in the best interest of all Seashore Line Condo Association Owners to police themselves. Hopefully it will eliminate the need for the Park Manager, Security and Board of Trustees to divert their time from the general operations of the park. Should this not be possible enforcement will be carried out by outside authorities. All complaints regarding golf carts must be submitted in writing to the board of trustees.

Fines for Violation of Golf Cart Rules

    • 1st offence   $300.00
    • 2nd offence  $500 .00
    • 3rd offence   $1000.00