Leaf Collection

Leaf collection will take place April 4th through May 9th.   The camp ground is broken up into 3 colors Yellow, Blue, and Green.  Each color has 2 dates associated with it for pickup.   If you would like your leaves picked up, please place them in a neat pile at the front of your property where it meets the street prior to your pickup day.

Pickup Dates run from Friday to the following Thursday then switch to the next section.  Each area gets 2 pickup weeks.

4/04 – Yellow
4/11 – Blue
4/18 – Green
4/25 – Yellow
5/02 – Blue
5/09 – Green

Leap Pickup Map

If you would like to remove your own leaves, a dumpster will be provided for leaf disposal until May 17th, located in the rear of the trash area.