2014 Trustee Election

In the very near future all owners will be receiving by mail their 2014 ballot for trustee election. We currently have 2 seats that are up for election and 5 outstanding candidates that are nominated to run.

  • Marty Coyle (Site 102)
  • Greg Ferretti (Site 50)
  • Pedro Hernandez (Site 138)
  • Anthony Petro (Site 256)
  • Andrew Scheller (Site 301)

We are very lucky as a community that there are qualified people who are willing to take on the responsibilities and service to keep our home away from home the special place it is.

Seashore Line has a very specific and stringent process for handling elections to ensure everything is done fairly.  If you are not familiar with the process please read on.

All ballots are printed on special paper and each has it’s own unique serial number.  There are no duplicate serial numbers and although none can be tied to any owner to ensure anonymity all serial numbers are placed on a check list for the ballot counters.

Each ballot is mailed out to owners recorded US mailing address and owners are provided with a prepaid addressed envelope to return their ballots by the due date. (9/20/2014).

All ballots go to a special post office box that is ONLY used for the election.  No ballots are picked up until the day they are to be counted.

Our election committee is made up of any owner who wishes to be on the committee, as long as they are not a nominee or a member of their house hold.  On tally day members of the election committee go to the post office together and gather the ballots.

The ballots are then counted by committee members and witnesses in the locked board room until a winner is determined and verified.  All ballots are checked against the serial number list to ensure no duplicates have been made and that there are no fraudulent ballots.  The winners are then announced at the subsequent owner’s meeting

I hope this clears up how our election process works, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  In the mean time you may view the sample ballot (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and I encourage you all to get out there and meet the nominees and get to know who you will be voting for.