Members of the Seashore Line Family,

I’d like to update everyone on a few things that have occurred over the last week.   Neil Bigwood, our maintenance manager has decided to resign his position at Seashore Line, effective May 27th 2011.  As you can all imagine this comes at a very inopportune time with the season about to begin.    Although we have tried to prevent this or even delay it, Neil feels that it is in his best interests, and we reluctantly accepted his resignation and wish him the best.  Neil has provided our community years of diligent service and we’d like to thank him for his hard work and dedication to Seashore Line.  The board of trustees has worked with our remaining employees, Joe and Ed to provide coverage for the immediate future as we work to try and fill Neil’s vacancy.  There will not be any reduction in services of the resort during this time.  The board along with the members of the committees will look to fill this position as quickly as possible.   Anyone that knows of a possible person that may be interested in this position please contact the board and we will get in touch with them.

Additionally, I also have to report that effective immediately Anthony Yackovelli has resigned from his position as a trustee.    The board would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Yackovelli for his hard work and service to the community as a trustee, and look forward to our continued friendship with him in the Seashore Line family.

As everyone can imagine this leaves 2 large voids that will be felt by us all, and we will need everyone’s support, understanding, and assistance to pull together and work to fill these areas quickly with qualified people.   Your help will be most welcomed and appreciated.  As for now, Greg Ferretti, Ed Dodds, and myself will continue to do our best and serve the members of Seashore Line and will update everyone whenever we get some more news.     I can take pride that our community is very close knit, and I know I can always count on our members to come together to solve any challenge.  Regardless of these issues, I know the 2011 season will be filled with the good times, warm memories, and close friendships that make our resort the unique and wonderful place it has always been.

Matt Palladinetti
President Seashore Line Resort