Election Update

Due to the confusion by the previous ballots being placed online and in the letter box at the gate, the ballots need to be voided.  According to the by-laws to ensure that every owner receives their ballot and to maintain the integrity of the election process, ballots are required to be mailed.  I have sent out the official ballots to all owners’ US mail boxes.  The mailing includes the ballot, information about the candidates, and a stamped return envelope.  Following procedure the anonymous ballots will be returned to the special PO Box and opened by members of the election committee.  To prevent any old ballots being confused with new ballots, the form was changed and includes the word OFFICIAL on the header.  Due to the delay and to make sure everyone has time to get their vote counted I need to extend the voting period until October 20th.  Therefore the results will not be ready for the September 16th owner’s meeting.  I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.