Hurricane Update

I am happy to report that after initial inspection the park has sustained no damage.  Joe has driven around the park and it also appears that no properties have any visible external damage.  We do have some large puddles as well as some down trees, but none that are in danger of doing any damage so cleanup should be quick.  Once the plumbing has been checked we will be able to restore water to the park which should be no later than tomorrow (10/31).   According to the electronic monitoring devices, there was no power loss during the storm of any significance.   I hope that everyone has fared the storm well and stayed safe.   As always if anything comes up I will send notification.   Take care all and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Note:  I have sent this information out to all the contact emails I have which is about 190 owners.  If you did not receive email notification that means I do not have your current email address.  Should you wish email notification in the future please email me your contact information (along with site number) to