July Update

Hi all.  I thought I’d update a few things that I will be presenting at this weeks owner’s meeting, which is consequently Sunday at 10:00 AM (hint hint).

Manager’s Position
As many of you know we have filled our full time manager’s position with Joe Simpson.  Most know him around the park as he has been our part time maintenance person now for the past 8 years.  During the time the park was without a full time person Joe stepped up and covered the park expertly and when he announced his interest to leave his other part time job and become our full time manager we felt as this was a perfect fit.  Joe brings to the park an diverse skill set, as well as a solid knowledge of the park and the people that live there.   I for one am very glad Joe decided to apply.

Campground WiFi
We’ve been working with Comcast as well as some network professionals to get our WiFi as best as we can without spending an absorbent amount of money.  We are in the process of re-calibrating the antenna and have located 2 additional access points (that were apparently already purchased) and should have a large amount of the park covered within the month.  Anyone with mobile computing devices that could help test and tweak the network should contact me.

Water Issues
We had a few interruptions in water service in the past couple weeks.  2 of them were due to a fault in the water softener which is being addressed.  The other was a main break that happened this past Saturday.  Thankfully Joe, Marty, Dave, and a few other residents pitched in and repaired the underground leak and got our water back online.  This was a perfect example of how good it is to have knowledgeable people on hand instead of having to contact out to get things repaired.

There is a few more things to discuss but I don’t want to give out everything here yet.  People won’t come to the meeting.  Hopefully see you all Sunday at 10:00.