Seashore Line Games 2013

The Seashore Line Games will be held on Saturday July 13th.    We will be doing the events a little differently this year.  There will be no formal award ceremony so we can concentrate more on the  parade following the events.  Medals will be granted after every event.  Winners will be able to flaunt their awards in the parade of Olympians. Here is the schedule (subject to change):

10:00 AM – Registration at pole barn.  All competitors will be given bibs with numbers.10:30 AM – Bike Races at the power lines.  Heats will be 6-9 Year olds, followed by 10-14 year olds

Field Events (Field by the Pole Barn)
10:30 AM – Tot events. Children 5 and under (Soccer Ball Kick, Softball Toss, Running Race)
11:30 AM – Running Race Dash, Softball Toss, Horseshoe best throw  Heats will be 6-9 Year olds, followed by 10-14 year olds then 15+ (adults welcomed to participate)
1:00 PM Family Events (Egg Race, Water Balloon Toss, Relay Race, Hula Hoop Contest)

Pool Events
2:00 PM Pie Eating Contest (Chocolate Cream pie) all ages welcomed
3:00 PM Belly Flop Contest followed by the Greased Watermelon Contest

6:00 PM Line up in front of Activity Center the side  of the game room
Decorate your golf carts with your chosen theme.  It can be anything (USA, Pirate Ship, UFO, etc)
The parade will be lead by the Seashore Float (the same trailer we use for hayrides) the Olympic competitors are welcomed to ride in the float and wave to the adoring fans.  Seashore Line Tradition is to throw candy to spectators as we pass by.  There will be an Olympic stand set up by the activity room for photo ops.

Judges are needed to help if you can help please see the signin desk at 10:00 in the Pole barn.