September Meeting and Update

Sorry for the short notice folks, but I’m going to have to cancel the owner’s meeting for September.  Things have been very busy for all 3 board members and none of us are able to make it down for the meeting.  Luckily on October 1st we will have a full board again and scheduling issues should be a thing of the past.  I look forward to that!  As always any questions or requests for current financials can be directed to and will be answered asap.

A quick update on some current matters:

  • The computer that controls the gate has died.  That is why the gate cards are not currently working and the gate automatically opens up once someone gets close enough.  A new one is on order and will be here the week of the 19th of September.
  • The basketball backboards have been ordered and the replacement and refinishing of the new courts will be completed by the spring
  • Water Turnoff will be Sunday November 13th
  • The condo fee notice has gone out by mail and should be received soon.  Anyone who requested it electronically will get it this weekend

The full board will meet very soon to discuss off season projects.  We will keep the site updated with plans as well as photos throughout the off season.  I am already looking forward to spring!