Spring has Sprung

Well it’s official, winter is over and spring has finally arrived.  Not that the winter was that bad anyway, but it’s nice to know that it’s behind us.  We are only a few days out from the water being turned on in the park (April 2nd) and I know we all can’t wait to get back to the seashore and our extended family as Seashore Line.

A lot has happened in the park as Joe and Gene have been working diligently in getting things done during the winter months.  Here are a few things off hand that you will notice:

  • The landscaping by the front sign as soon as you enter has been cleaned up splashed with some color
  • An addition has been added to the workshop so that the outdoor equipment can be sheltered from the elements
  • A new security system has been added to the park with a few new cameras.  This new system is online so we can keep an eye on things around the corner or around the world
  • The renovations to the shower houses, front and back, are complete as well as the laundry rooms
  • The basketball courts have been refaced and new nets and backboards have been installed
  • All street signs have been fixed, and covered with white vinyl sleeves
  • The walkway from Whistle Stop to the pool has been landscaped
  • Many dead or dangerous tress have been removed
  • Many of the corner street signs are now capped with a solar light top, to increase viability on those dark intersections
  • Various landscaping around the park has been improved and cleaned up

There are probably a dozen or so other improvements that have been made, but I won’t spoil the surprise right now.  Leaf collection will begin shortly after the water is turned on.  You will be able to find the collection schedule here.

A lot of the events have been posted on the events page.  There will be a bunch more added soon, we are just trying to work out some dates and times.  So check back often.

There are a few things coming up that I would like to start planting a bug in people’s ear now.  Two committees will be forming this year for some improvement projects that we would like to get worked out.  The first committee will be charged with providing a recommendation for the improvement of the park’s streets.  We would all like to move beyond crushed shells and clouds of dust, but doing so will require some ideas.  The second committee will be formed to make a proposal in recreational facilities at the park.  The playground, the pool, game room, pole barn and the activity center are in need of some love, as well as a few areas that will need to be brought up to code.  This will be a large investment and we do not want to take this decision without a lot of thought.

This will be a fun and exciting year for us all, and I am looking forward to joining you all in another summer of fun.  See you soon!