Trash – What goes where.

When you are headed to the trash yard there are some things to keep in mind.  We have recycling, household trash, leaves, and bulk trash.  Please keep things in their proper place.  When things go in the wrong containers we (the campground) get charged for having to dump them early, or worse…fined.  Here is a quick chart on what goes where.

Leaf Dumpster Any leaves from your site that you bring to the trash yard.
Recycling (Cardboard) Cardboard and paper products
Recycling (Co-Mingled) Bottles and Cans (Glass, Aluminum, Plastic)
Compactor (Household Trash) Household Garbage, trash bags full of household waste.  NO Contruction or large items.
Bulk Trash Dumpster Large Items.  Things bigger than a typical kitchen sized garbage bag.  Old boogie boards, beach chairs, etc.