Water Shutdown

Due to the approach of the “polar vortex” that is coming through towards the end of the week, the park’s water needs to be turned off to protect the pipes. As usual the front shower house will be available year round. Sorry tfor the short notice, mother nature acts without warning.

Fun Day 2014

This year’s fun day will be on Saturday August 30th.  It as always is an all day event packed with good times for everyone!  Here is the schedule.

12:00 PM Moon Bounces (volunteers needed)
1:00 PM Hot Dogs and water ice for kids
2:00 PM Ice Bucket Challenge at pool (Donation bucket for ALS will be available. Please bring your own bucket. Video and donation will be made from SSL community.)
3:00 PM Movie Frozen in Activity Room
5:00 PM Cast of Frozen will have a Meet and Greet and Sing Along in front of Activity Room.
8:00 PM DJ at Pole Barn

**Basket of Cheer tickets will be sold all day**

3 tickets for $5 or 20 tickets for $10

Drawing at 10:00 PM

2014 Trustee Election

In the very near future all owners will be receiving by mail their 2014 ballot for trustee election. We currently have 2 seats that are up for election and 5 outstanding candidates that are nominated to run.

  • Marty Coyle (Site 102)
  • Greg Ferretti (Site 50)
  • Pedro Hernandez (Site 138)
  • Anthony Petro (Site 256)
  • Andrew Scheller (Site 301)

We are very lucky as a community that there are qualified people who are willing to take on the responsibilities and service to keep our home away from home the special place it is.

Seashore Line has a very specific and stringent process for handling elections to ensure everything is done fairly.  If you are not familiar with the process please read on.

All ballots are printed on special paper and each has it’s own unique serial number.  There are no duplicate serial numbers and although none can be tied to any owner to ensure anonymity all serial numbers are placed on a check list for the ballot counters.

Each ballot is mailed out to owners recorded US mailing address and owners are provided with a prepaid addressed envelope to return their ballots by the due date. (9/20/2014).

All ballots go to a special post office box that is ONLY used for the election.  No ballots are picked up until the day they are to be counted.

Our election committee is made up of any owner who wishes to be on the committee, as long as they are not a nominee or a member of their house hold.  On tally day members of the election committee go to the post office together and gather the ballots.

The ballots are then counted by committee members and witnesses in the locked board room until a winner is determined and verified.  All ballots are checked against the serial number list to ensure no duplicates have been made and that there are no fraudulent ballots.  The winners are then announced at the subsequent owner’s meeting

I hope this clears up how our election process works, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  In the mean time you may view the sample ballot (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and I encourage you all to get out there and meet the nominees and get to know who you will be voting for.

Weekend of Aug 16

Hi all. Lot’s of things this weekend to participate in. Saturday night for the adults starting at 7PM we have Texas Hold’em in the Activity Room. At 8:00PM we have Candy Bar bingo at the pole barn. The cost is 1 full sized candy bar per card. So hit up the candy machine or go buy a stack of any candy at Gems or Acme. Sunday at 10:00AM we have our annual owners meeting at the Pole Barn. Who is running for the board? What is going to happen at the park over the winter? Are condo fees going up or staying the same? Come and find out!

30th Anniversary Wrap Up

Yesterday’s 30th anniversary celebration was an enormous success!  I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who made this event possible. So cheers to the 30th Anniversary Committee for putting so much time in to plan the event, the unwavering support of our Board of Trustees,  Miss Seashore Line 2014 and Miss Cape Shores 2014, Joe Simpson and Gene for setting everything up and making sure we had everything we needed,  Acme for our Cake, Patti’s Party Pals (http://pattispartypals.com) for the Decorations, Balloons and Balloon crafts, Petrosh’s Big Top for the table and chairs (http://www.petrosh-bigtop.com/), Rubeo’s Catering (http://www.rubeoscatering.com/) for the fantastic meal, Unforgettable Promotions (http://unforgettablepromotions.com/)  for the tumblers,  Parties are Us Rentals (http://partiesareusrentals.com/) for the amazing train, The Business Band (http://thebizband.com/) for providing the excellent music and kept us dancing all night, and most importantly each and every member of the Seashore Line Family, who without you all this magical place would not be possible, especially those who got their hands dirty yesterday and helped set up tables, sell shirts, and provide emotional support to keep me from losing my head!   Here is to making another 30 years of wonderful memories!

Addendums:  The Business band is once again up for The Philly Hotlist for best bands.  They would appreciate our votes to get them the recognition they obviously deserve!  You can vote here: http://phillyhotlist.cityvoter.com/the-business/biz/47166

We still have limited supplies of T-Shirts ($10) for sale as well as Tumblers ($5).    They will be made available at the next special events.


30th Celebration

August 2nd, 2014


The 30th Anniversary Extravaganza

An event 30th years in the making. Please join us for a full day of memories, fun, games, gifts, great food, and dancing as we celebrate Seashore Line’s 30th birthday.

This event is free but dinner will be limited to 4 per site. Wristbands will be given at the entrance to dinner. Additional wristbands may be purchased for $20 a person. Anyone may attend the show after dinner without a wristband.


12:00 Music at poolside
1:00 Balloons and real train rides around the park. A special appearance by Miss Seashore Line
4:00 Hors D’Oeuvres at the pole barn. Wristbands required
5:00 Catered dinner by Rubeo’s Catering. BYOB
7:00 Desserts and stories while we prepare for the show
8:00 Prepare to dance as we are entertained by the area’s top 12 piece band The Business


Any questions call 267-228-4011


Olympics moved 1 day back.

Due to the prediction of a rainy 4th of July and a beautiful 5th, we are moving the Olympics to the 5th. We will have a schedule posted by tomorrow for the events. Registration is now 10AM on Saturday the 5th.

4th of July Events

As always we will be celebrating the 4th of July in Seashore Line fashion.  On Friday the 4th we will have our annual Seashore Line Games.  Event schedule to be posted soon.   People will find events for all ages.  Some intense and some silly but all fun!   Event sign up will begin at 10AM on Friday the 4th.  We also encourage people to sign up as officials.  We could always use the help.

At 6PM the same night we will have our golf cart parade.  The parade will be lead by our float of champions of all the young medal winners.  Following the float will be the golf carts.  Every year people step it up a little more as to how they decorate their cart.  We’ve seen things like Pirate ships, Americana, and well…you’ll just have to see it to believe it.

On the 5th of July (Saturday) we will have music at the pool as well as an evening pole barn party.  It should be a fun filled weekend.